(Following Covid-19 Regulations)  


The recent nation-wide tightening of the COVID-19 measures has unfortunately forced us to put our training sessions on hold.  We are the French Football Academy and we are fully committed to providing the best footballing experience a player can get and we are sticking to that commitment.


 We are offering you a new programme to help you take the kids away from their screens and the boredom at home by bringing them back onto the football pitch.


We will organise a Fit-Foot Workshop from now until the expected end of the tightened Safe Management Measures.


The Fit-Foot Workshop is priced at SGD $30  per session and it will be held every Saturday afternoon, from 5pm to 6pm, @ XCL World Academy.


If you would like to join us for the 3 sessions, you may choose the option of making a one-time payment of SGD $75  for all 3 sessions. (Payment details - PAYNOW / Credit Card / On-Site etc -  will be provided after your pre-registration.


Fit-Foot Workshop (applies to both outfielders as well as goalkeepers):

  • Agility drills

  • Technical drills

  • Practising 1 vs 1 situations. 


This is a fantastic opportunity for players to improve individually as every player will be assigned one ball throughout the session so they will have plenty of time to improve their fundamentals through the drills.

To book a slot, write in to us now at


Tel: +65 9046 8757

Following the regulations, all players must keep their masks on at all times during the workshop. We will have no more than TWO players per group and the groups will be kept at least 3-metres apart. There is strictly no intermingling between the groups of 2 as well as between the zones.


The workshop will operate in complete adherence to the latest safety measures stipulated by the Singaporean Government (the full document can be found here:  CLICK TO READ). 


We hope that this programme will be useful to you and that it provides an avenue for the kids to enjoy their weekends regardless of all the adversity we’re facing right now.

We thank you for your patience, please stay safe and we wish you well!

*This is an additional programme that we are offering and is not a part of the FFA's training term. This means that for our existing players/parents, your sessions with us are still on hold. This workshop will not replace any postponed training sessions.